Microsoft Appealing to the Masses

I was recently on the blog when I found this video. When a large corporation such as Microsoft tries to appeal to the masses, this is the outcome:

I thought this was a joke, but it is actually real:

Microsoft Songsmith

This is, regrettably the outcome of a company who is good at one thing, trying to compete with companies who are good at similar things, but have a different market audience.

I assume this is something they thought could compete with easy to use software from companies such as Apple.

I am tempted to say, this is terrible. It is a ridiculous idea. But what if Apple were to make something similar, first, hype it up and target it differently to their customers, with say a tie in to itunes and the ipod? It could work. But that’s because they would make it for their target audience. I think the problem here is that Microsoft is targetting someone else’s target market. They need to establish a presence in that target market first, which they haven’t done.

Microsoft is really good at Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. They should really stick to that, improving it so it works well and is more useful. And perhaps create software you can plug in to it, which is useful.

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