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End of Telecom’s CDMA era

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Telecom has now turned off its “WorldMode“, meaning that mobile phone users on the CDMA network will now find themselves without a network when overseas, reports the Dom Post.

Whilst the move may have lost Telecom some customers, spokesperson Emma-Kate Greer said all but 3 percent of Telecom’s customers had already made the switch, and Telecom had made efforts to contact its users around the world who were still using the technology when the network was switched off.

In its place, Telecom has the XT network which began in June 2009.  It has plans to completely close the CDMA network in 2012.

Is Apple TV right for NZ families?

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Stuff’s review of Apple TV reports today that this device has been lagging badly behind its competitors from the launch of Apple TV three years ago.

Now, however, a revamped and cheaper Apple TV is available at $170 NZD.  What does it do? Its a black box which connects with your TV either directly to the set, or through a receiver.  The interface allows you to connect to the Internet, and start watching TV shows and movies through Apple or Netfix (with an account).

The new Apple TV is apparently easier to set up and use than the older model.  It also allows streaming of the videos so that your hard drive is not filled up.

The greatest problem is though, that renting a movie means you have to watch it in one go, or pay another $5.99 NZD to finish it. This is not a family-friendly solution, or even a cheaper alternative to the DVD store.

Perhaps another ‘bug’ for Apple to fix? Time will tell.