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Air New Zealand allowing texting in-flight

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Air New Zealand has opened up to passengers the opportunity to send text messages and emails whilst in-flight, with the opportunity to be given to Air New Zealand passengers by the end of the year.

The allowance is subject to approval by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, as it is normally held to pose too great a risk to an airplane navigation system if used in-flight.  Passengers would be able to use their own mobile broadband connection, but in-flight charges would also apply.

To those of us who enjoy uninterrupted quiet (or as much quiet as there can be over the howls of a crying baby) during flights, rest assured that voice calls are still not on the list of “allowable” use of portable electronics.

The full article is available here.

E-books aren’t as green as we all think

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Most readers would agree that e-books cause less strain with their carbon emissions on the environment than traditional paper books.  Whitcoulls has launched e-books this week and believes that the two million online books will be something readers would like to use.

However, a study from an American group of researchers has shown that e-readers need to run on electricity, and also require unique disposal methods in order to be friendly to the environment.  Overall, e-books are more environmentally friendly than their paper counterparts.

For those old fashioned readers who prefer paper, the best way of keeping up your reading while being good to the environment? Join a library, share books with friends or buy second-hand books!

Read the full article here.

Google takes compromising photos

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Google came under attack today for using its 3D ‘street view’ cars to collect potentially compromising data about New Zealand homeowners.

Concerns have been raised about the amount of information Google has acquired through these means, with the company’s assurance that it is not misusing the data it has gathered.

See the full article here. time saving

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Finding it frustrating when wanting to quickly add a small group of new customers, one by one? Problem solved! With the latest upgrades we’ve made, now you simply click “Add new customer”, fill in the client details instantly without having to go back and forth between pages, and click “ADD”, and the new customer is in the database.

More developments to come with this one, but this will be a huge time saver for your day to day adding to customer groups!

Don’t forget, once a customer has unsubscribed, they have opted out of receiving your newsletter and cannot be re-added unless they choose to subscribe again. For this reason, the Informant service does not allow you to re-subscribe customers who have opted out.