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OnSport co-founder gets new investors, ready to launch site in February

Thursday, December 19th, 2013
Photo credit; Barry Skeates on Flickr

Photo credit; Barry Skeates on Flickr

Pat MacFie, co-founder of OnSport and a partner at Socialize Group, recently snagged two investors for his startup social media platform at the NZ Angel Investment Showcase at the Icehouse.

MacFie sat down with the New Zealand Herald last month to talk about his vision for OnSport, saying the company’s goal was to build a sports media business of global significance.

“Our goal is provide our customers with a way to make money from every tweet or post and every member of their community,” he told the newspaper.

MacFie said investors liked the scalability of the business model and the fact that they’re solving a really big problem that’s particularly relevant to the current era of the social web.

The OnSport co-founder said the company plans to spend the new investment money on business development, signing up athletes, teams and ad partners.

The OnSport site launches in February.

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Are you connecting with your customers?

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Customers today have an expectation that they can contact companies via social media, most commonly via Facebook or Twitter. Successfully communicating with your customers is an important tool in building up a relationship between you and your customers.

Setting up a Facebook or Twitter account is easy, but the real key is maintaining it. Making sure you keep an eye on it and regularly posting updates about your business can all be very beneficial to driving new business and satisfying your existing customers.

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Spending $6 million USD on a virtual planet

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

It seems unbelievable, but the virtual planet Calypso on the Entropia Universe social media site  sold for $6 million USD.

What would be the point of owning a virtual planet? Well, real life businesses are beginning to understand the value of online gaming networks, and are investing in virtual worlds at a rapidly increasing rate.  Also, owning a virtual planet allows you to tax players to own ‘homes’ or play on the planet.

In the USA, the virtual goods market overall will reach $US2.1 billion this year!

The article has more info for those would-be investors.