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NZ business embracing mobile banking

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013
Photo credit; Asim Bijarani

Photo credit; Asim Bijarani

It seems Kiwis are embracing mobile banking, if ASB’s claims are anything to go by.

The company says its relatively new Mobile Business app has seen a “remarkable uptake” in its first few weeks.

“Since the ASB Mobile Business app was launched in September, we’ve seen a rapid uptake with users authorising tens of millions of payments on-the-go every week,” says Steve Jurkovich, Executive GM of Corporate, Commercial and Rural, ASB.

“Usage of the ASB Mobile Business app is increasing rapidly week-on-week,” Jurkovich says. “This tells us that businesses owners and managers are embracing the flexibility that the app is giving them to check balances and authorise payments while balancing family and travel demands.”

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Ex bank employee to pay for fraud

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Ex-ANZ bank mobile manager Zamir Hussain, has been ordered to pay the bank $1.2 million NZD in damages, reports today.  Mr Hussain perpetuated fraud by over-lending to customers.  ANZ was only aware of the fraud after the borrowers defaulted on their loans.

Mr Hussain was taken to the Employment Relations Authority, who ruled that his breach of duty of care in the 18 mortgage transactions resulted in a fine of $54,000 NZD.  However, in a separate decision, the Employment Relations Authority has ruled that he must pay more than$1.2 million NZD in damages for loss caused by his fraudulent conduct.

”Mr Hussain’s training and experience was such that he must have known of the real prospect of significant losses being caused by his careless or reckless actions,” stated the Employment Relations Authority.

ANZ maintains that it lost more than $3.5 million NZD as a result of the fraud.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Mobile Banking Finally here – And why it took so long

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

It frustrates me when giant banks take so long to get up to speed with web technology. Why do they not all have Mobile Internet Banking so those of us with iPhones and other devices can login quickly and easily? And why did they not have it yesterday?

I asked myself this question about CBA, they are one of, if not the, largest bank in Australia, yet they did not have Mobile Internet Banking – absurd!

Let’s just take a step back before I get worked up about this again. What is this and why does anyone need it?

Mobile Internet Banking allows you to log into internet banking from your cellphone/PDA device, wherever you happen to be, so long as you have internet on your phone.

The value in this technology, is that for those of us used to Internet Banking, all the things you’d normally have to visit a bank for, or go to a computer for, to do – such as paying someone or transferring funds – can now be done on your phone.

You don’t actually need a “Mobile Internet Banking service” – a special version of internet banking for a cellphone, because you can just access internet banking if you have internet on your phone. However, the downside of this is that it’s really slow, and everything’s really tiny. Even if you have an iPhone, constant zooming in and out is required to use it.

In the case of the CBA, after a recent upgrade, while Internet Banking is a pleasure not a chore with them, it is on a tiny screen, virtually unusable.

Enter Netbank –

My opinion is, the reason CBA has taken so long to sort this out, is because they have taken the time to make it really, really good.

It is clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into what people want. And the result is a well thought out, user friendly system that is designed extremely well.

If you visit the link above on your web browser, it looks terrible. Ugly. Crank it up on your iPhone and it comes to life, and you can see what these guys have done.

The first page you come to gives you what you want, well, what I want anyway:

-Log in to mobile banking
-Find a branch
-Find an ATM

With all the fees these days, finding an ATM is really helpful. Finding this information through other means is a painful process. It’s great to see it on the front page.

Using the log in page, you can get instant access to your account information and recent transactions.

Transferring funds can be done easily, with the click of a button. Interface is easy to use and intuitive. And it tells you what’s going on at every step.

They have taken the interface one step further, it is made to look more like an iPhone app rather than a website on your iPhone.

It’s worth noting also that the ATM locator is simple. Searching for my current location, it gives me a raft of options nearby. Clicking a button I am given the exact location of my nearest ATM. Clicking a few more buttons I find out it will take 4 minutes to walk there. Easy.

If you’re in Australia and use CBA, suggest you try this out.