Gen Y employees best investment for businesses

Photo credit: Gareth Williams on Flickr

Photo credit: Gareth Williams on Flickr

While Generation Y gets a bad rap for constantly having their faces glued to their electronic devices, it’s this constant interaction with their devices that also makes them invaluable for businesses.

“The ceaseless interaction of NZ’s youth with their portable online devices means they are constantly consuming information, increasing their offering to a company on a macro level,” Scott Bush, general manager for Domino’s New Zealand, says.

“Gen-Y are more worldly than the generations before them because of their ability and opportunity to access the digital world, and businesses need to tap into this and make the most of its relevance in today’s market.”

Bush says the digital space is becoming increasingly important for businesses to engage with their growing tech-savvy consumers and by employing Gen-Y staff, companies can arm themselves with a better insight into the needs of consumers who use digital platforms.

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