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How important is it for your website to be mobile friendly?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

TradeMe CEO Jon McDonald has said on that “Mobile now accounts for more than one-third of our overall visits, a proportion that has doubled over the past year.”

TradeMe is one of the biggest and most popular websites in New Zealand, so the fact that 1/3 of visits are now from mobile devices shows the importance of making sure your website is compatible across multiple devices. One of the most cost effective ways to do this is to use a responsive theme design. This means the website will adapt to the different devices it is being viewed on. The obvious benefit with this is you don’t need to create different versions for a desktop PC, a smartphone or tablets.

Spammers hijack Yahoo Xtra email accounts

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Like me, you may have received a few emails from various people over the weekend with suspect looking links in them. has revealed that “New Zealanders have come under attack from savvy spammers over the weekend, with hundreds of Kiwi email accounts breached in a suspected phishing issue.”

It always pays to be vigilant with links that show up in your inbox, even if they appear to be from trusted sources. A tip is to look who the email was also sent to, if it’s a big list of contacts you don’t recognise then it’s more than likely dodgy. Alternatively, if no recepients are specifed then it’s also likely dodgy.

Average broadband speeds on the increase in New Zealand

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

TrueNet, a broadband testing company has claimed broadband speeds on fixed-lines have increased over 6 and half percent to 11.5 megabits per second over the last year.

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