Setting up e-mail in Thunderbird, Windows XP

1. From the top menu, select “Tools”, and then “Account Settings…”.

2. Click the “Add Account” button.

3. Select “Email account” and press next.

4. Fill in your name and email address, then press next.

5. You will then be asked to enter the incoming mail server. Please use the information that was supplied to you by OPMC. Press next.

6. You will then be asked to enter your user name. Type in the user name supplied by OPMC, then press next.

7. You will then be asked what you would like to call the account, to distinguish it from others. Enter your full name in this box.

8. Thunderbird will then provide you with a summary of the information you have entered. Check the information to ensure it is correct, and then press finish.

9. Select your new e-mail account and press the “Get mail” icon at the top of the window.

10. You will then be asked for the password to your email account. Enter in the password supplied by OPMC and press OK.

11. Please note that you also need to setup SMTP server authentication.

Configuring SMTP using SSL on OPMC servers

  • Select Tools > Account Settings from the top menu
  • Select Outgoing Server (SMTP), which is located at the bottom of the list on the left
  • Select Add, set Server Name to and Port to 465
  • Set Connection Security to SSL/TLS
  • Click OK

Please contact us if you have any questions.