Useful keyboard shortcuts

In light of a recent Google survey which found 1 in 10 users don’t know what CTRL – F does, has come up with a list of handy keyboard shortcuts.

Before I list some of them, you may be wondering what CTRL – F does. It’s used to search for text on a page. Give it a go now by searching for a word on this blog post.

“CTRL-C: to copy text

CTRL-V: to paste text

CTRL-Z: to undo a command

SHIFT-CTRL-Z: to redo the command above”

If you’re using a Mac, use the Apple command key instead of CTRL.

For a full list of handy shortcuts, check out

Note: I originally posted this on our Australian blog, but thought people would find it useful so have also posted it here. Let us know any shortcuts you use that aren’t listed.

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