Dearly Beloved marries marriage and online business

New Zealand-based Dearly Beloved came into existence the same way so many online businesses do; the founder discovered a niche to fill when she herself was searching for something online that she couldn’t find.

Photo credit; Larry Lamsa on Flickr

Photo credit; Larry Lamsa on Flickr

In this case, that something was a comprehensive online wedding directory in New Zealand.

Dearly Beloved owner Juliet Blair was on a sabbatical in Germany with her soon-to-be-husband and the couple were planning to do some planning for their New Zealand wedding while they were in Europe, but they found a frustrating lack of available services to do that.

Blair shared her frustrations with a couple of German friends who happened to be software developers and three months later, in February of this year, she had her own online business up and running, which aims to help brides-to-be find what they need for their dream wedding quickly and efficiently.

While the business is just getting its feet under it now, Blair eventually plans to expand the business to Australia, Asia and the rest of the world for people interested in marrying in New Zealand.

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