Snaffle launched by New Zealand siblings

Photo credit; Sean MacEntee on Flickr

Photo credit; Sean MacEntee on Flickr

New Zealand brother and sister Carl and Amber McNulty launched Snaffle, a new job matching tool, last month.

The business, which is based in Cromwell, Central Otago, works similar to a dating website by matching candidates in Snaffle’s database to jobs that employers have vacancies for. The employers simply need to sign in and they will already have a list of potential candidates to look at, rather than having to spend an inordinate amount of time advertising the vacancy and wading through applications from often completely unqualified candidates.

“Up until this point, Snaffle is entirely free for employers. Once they’ve identified suitable candidates, they then pay a fee to get more details about the ones they’re keen to interview and that’s it – no need to advertise, no need to read through dozens of irrelevant CVs, they only get candidates who can do the job. It’s a quick and an easy way to find the right match.”

Job-seekers pay nothing to upload their details on to Snaffle while employers are charged via a tiered system, based on the job’s salary. “For example, if it’s a $60,000 job, they pay $60 for each candidate profile they want.”

Snaffle has a staff of 14.

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