New domain name extensions coming to NZ

Photo credit; Tristan the Booklight on Flickr

Photo credit; Tristan the Booklight on Flickr

New Zealand domain name registration provider Freeparking is getting ready to help Kiwis to register the influx of brand new internet domain names as soon as they are released.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is expected to release hundreds of new domain name extensions such as .BIKE, .ESTATE and .CAMERA.

“Customer feedback across the industry indicates that the introduction of hundreds of new domain name extensions within a relatively short period of time will create confusion and uncertainty among web users and SMEs in New Zealand and internationally,” says Maria Brosnan, Business Manager at Freeparking. “As a leading domain name registration and web services provider, we have made it our mission at Freeparking to ensure New Zealand small businesses are provided with the highest level of support to navigate such an historic change and take advantage of the new marketing opportunities arising from this event”

To help New Zealand businesses and marketers in what’s regarded by industry analysts as the biggest change to the Internet since its inception; Freeparking has released a dedicated online pre-registration Watchlist through which customers will be able to submit their expression of interest for any new domain name extension.

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