Online gift registry aims to become largest in New Zealand

Photo credit; Larry Lamsa on Flickr

Photo credit; Larry Lamsa on Flickr

Online gift registry The Lovely has one goal in mind and that’s to be the biggest in New Zealand.

Set up by George Kivell and Sarah Melrose last July  due to the pair’s frustration with the registry offering in New Zealand when planning their own weddings, the e-business plans to become the largest gift registry in New Zealand by 2017, with 5,000 users forecast by the end of the year.

If the duo makes it to 5,000 users that would mean a return of $250,000 for their investment of $15,000.

However, The Lovely expects most revenue will come from retailers paying for their products to appear in the featured section of the site.

Kivell and Melrose, who both work in the design industry, say they also plan to launch the site in Australia and further afield.

Melrose says the fact that the site is geared for all celebrations and no physical stock is held would allow the concept to translate to international clientele easily.

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