Memory Issues on the Mac

Do you have memory leak problems with your Apple Mac? I have recently upgraded my Macbook Pro to 3GB of memory, and have found that after some time of constant use, it still comes down and hovers around the 20-30MB free memory mark. This is despite the amount of memory being used seemingly half of what it displays as being used. I’ve recently received a great tip on this problem which means you don’t have to restart your computer.

When a program has finished with memory it allocates it to “Inactive” memory, but often this isn’t cleared out. You want to clear out inactive memory that is no longer needed. To do this, open up Disk Utility, select your hard drive, and click on “Verify Disk Permissions”. This will clear up any “extra baggage” and should return you to normal. Just make sure you do it when all your programs are idle (don’t do it while opening a large file in Photoshop – I speak from experience!).

I do not know when Apple will fix this problem, but this should solve your issues in the short term.

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