Do not buy the Palm Treo 750 PDA

I purchased the Palm Treo 750 PDA earlier in the year. I recommend that you don’t purchase it.

This phone really is useless. Amongst other things, it is especially bad if you have a data plan connected to your phone. The amount of data use my phone has been getting since purchasing it has gone as follows:

Month 1: 200MB
Month 2: 330MB
Month 3: 590MB
Month 4: 330MB (this is the first 10 days of the plan for the month)

And this is with no difference in usage. No difference. In fact I was using mobile internet in month 1, after that I have rarely used it.

After calling Vodafone after the first 10 days to query my last account ($500 in excess data usage, including a $92 per day 6 day Trans Tasman business trip), I have disabled the e-mail account for my phone.

This phone is the perfect example of technology going wrong. In order to -potentially- resolve this problem I have to upgrade the phone to Windows Mobile 6. This involves a complicated process, which deletes all data on the phone.

I think this is a typical example of the poor way in which Microsoft software operates. Once something goes wrong it’s difficult to fix without installing a new version of the software. Even then, who knows whether it’s reliable.

Compare that to an upgrade for an operating system such as Apple’s Mac OS X. It keeps all your data, and you don’t have to worry about it mucking anything up.

Needless to say, I will be holding off using mobile internet again until Apple brings the 3G Apple iPhone downunder.

Don’t throw your money away on this phone, it’s terrible.

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