New New Zealand-based sports picking app engages audiences

Photo credit; Andrew Evans on Flickr

Photo credit; Andrew Evans on Flickr

A new a business-to-business sports-picking app that was developed in New Zealand is garnering a lot of attention in marketing circles.

The app, Go Team, features an engagement programme that enables brands to connect with customers, clients, VIPs and staff.

Developed by Auckland-based bkaBoom, Go Team has already been officially adopted by the All Blacks and is the official sports tipping game of New Zealand rugby. Already 10 companies are running competitions in the ITM Cup national provincial championship.

Go Team is designed to accommodate a variety of team sports across various high-profile competitions both nationally and globally.

Brands pick a competition, invite a range of audiences to participate — clients, friends, staff, endorsers and the like — add prizes and kick off. Players compete to predict results, make their way up the leader board and collect prizes along the way, simultaneously being exposed to brand messages.

predicts  apps such as Go Team are the future of staff and customer engagement.

“The tradition of the rugby sweep goes back generations and supports the premise that sports picking is the most fun way to engage with the people. Go Team is where the sweep and digital meet,” says bkaBoom CEO Barb Anderson.

The Go Team app is available on iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows and Mac.

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