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Lack of online presence for New Zealand businesses means opportunity is ripe

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

With so few New Zealand businesses having a true online presence, or extremely limited online presence, the opportunity is there for savvy online entrepreneurs to make a big impact.

Aaron Schiff, an economist and blogger, says internet usage by businesses in New Zealand “sucks” and anyone who has a good idea for an internet business has an almost wide open field in the nation.

Schiff cites numbers from the Statistics New Zealand Business Operations Survey that say nearly a third of businesses don’t have a website of any kind; less than one in five businesses supports ordering on its website, and only around one in ten allow customers to make payments online. These numbers haven’t changed much in two years.

While the current numbers are dire, Schiff says, that does mean that huge opportunities await people willing to take the plunge to create an online business or get their bricks and mortar business online.

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Wellington blog scooped up by US company

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Wellington technology blog, ReadWriteWeb, has been purchased by San Francisco digital publishing company Say Media.

TechCrunch is reporting the deal is worth US$5 million.

ReadWriteWeb was launched in 2003 by Richard MacManus, and now employs a staff of just under 20, who are mostly based in the US.

Richard MacManus has revealed√ā¬†ReadWriteWeb attracts about 5 million page views and 2.75 million unique visitors each month.

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