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Kiwi takes pawning online

Thursday, February 13th, 2014
Photo credit; Joel Kramer on Flickr

Photo credit; Joel Kramer on Flickr

Kiwis no longer have to leave the comfort of their own homes when they want to pawn possessions, thanks for Queenstown resident Samantha Bell.

Bell has opened New Zealand’s first ever online pawn shop.

These online versions of the classic brick and mortar money lenders have already been successful in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

And now Bell’s company, Plej, has successfully brought the practice to the islands, acquiring a physical premises in Queenstown last April after having successfully launched its website prior to that.

Plej offers short-term loans of $100 to $10,000, secured against things like jewellery and watches, sports gear, collectibles, art and antiques, offering three-month loans, which incur monthly interest of 10-20%, depending on the amount borrowed.

That works out to a total of $300 of interest on a $1000 loan, or $60 on the smallest available $100 loan, for the three-month term.

“There were online pawnbrokers in the UK, States, Canada- but nobody was doing it in New Zealand,” Bell says.

After proving their identity, customers are sent courier bags to ship their items to Queenstown, where they are valued and securely stored. At the end of the three months they repay the loan to have their items couriered back to them.

By law, anything that isn’t reclaimed has to be sold either at an auction house or through sites like Trade Me.

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Trade Me buys MotorWeb

Friday, December 13th, 2013
Photo credit; David Antis on Flickr

Photo credit; David Antis on Flickr

New Zealand-based internet auction site Trade Me has purchased New Zealand-based motor vehicle information company MotorWeb for NZ$19.5m.

The deal is conditional but expected to be completed later this month.

Founded in 1997, MotorWeb is an online business that operates in both New Zealand and Australia that packages and sells vehicle information and reports to finance companies, insurers, car dealers and the public. It offers a suite of more than a dozen products and services.

“The MotorWeb business has a lot of potential to complement our existing Trade Me Motors business, and will give us the chance to broaden and deepen the products and data we provide in relation to motor vehicles,” Trade Me CEO Jon Macdonald said.

MotorWeb staff would move across to join the Trade Me Motors team early next year.

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Trade Me’s earnings growth set to slow

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

New Zealand’s largest online auction site will likely see its earnings growth slow to about 8% in the coming year from a 12% pace last year.

Photo credit; David Antis on Flickr

Photo credit; David Antis on Flickr

The slow down is projected as the site reinvests in its business but it is also projected to pick up again in 2015 as those investments pay off.

Trade Me chief executive Jon Macdonald said he is comfortable with analyst estimates in a Reuters poll for earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation to rise 8.2% in the 2014 financial year, and accelerate to an 11 % pace in 2015.

Trade Me was the biggest disappointment in New Zealand’s 2013 reporting season, based on its stock price reaction, after it warned earnings growth would slow in the coming year as it bolstered its business to drive future profits.

The company’s shares have slid almost 4% since it reported earnings on August 21, and the stock is the third worst performer on New Zealand’s benchmark index the past month, having slid 8%. The stock was recently up 2% to $4.52.

“Fundamentally we are still very much a growth company,” Macdonald  said. “There’s an enormous amount of headroom that we have.”

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Wheeding out the competition as Sella quits auction race

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Sella, a relatively popular online auction website, has announced it is shutting down the auction portal of its website.

It is not the first auction website to close down in NZ as it seems the market is simply too small to penetrate the sheer number of users popular auction site TradeMe enjoys, despite TradeMe charging fees to sell via its website.

Competitors such as Sella and Wheedle both touted no fees as a key feature, however it seems that even this is not enough.

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Trade Me adds touch site

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Trade Me has released a touch screen version of its website.

Users are able to “search, bid and buy, ask and answer questions, and view their account details and ‘My Trade Me’ pages.”

In future, Trade Me plans to add “functions for browsing, placing feedback, editing notes and selecting favourites.”

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